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Long, long ago in the 18th century, a British gentleman named Antony Gibbs, the son of an Exeter surgeon, founded a dynasty and a merchant empire. The success of this remarkable family is evident in the listings which they still occupy in Debrett's Peerage.
Sir Antony Gibbs and his numerous descendants spread thoughout the world and played a prominent role in their chosen careers of merchant banking, insurance, commerce, shipping, diplomacy, the judiciary, the arts, the military and the church.
The family was represented in Australia, in partnership with the Bright family of Bristol, from the 1840s. The parent merchant bank in London, Antony Gibbs and Sons, underwrote the building of the steamship, the "Great Britain", for the Great Western Railway Company. Subsequently, having purchased the "Great Britain", Gibbs Bright operated the ship on the UK-Australia run for several years, carrying more than 20,000 passengers.
This web-site now includes the personal memoirs of Bob Guthrie who, from 1915, had a lifetime career with the Melbourne Shipping Agency of Gibbs Bright & Co.
Also now present are copies of Company promotional pamphlets which were printed in November 1970, and a copy of the text of a booklet "Antony Gibbs & Sons Limited, 1808 - 1958" which was commissioned and published by the U.K. Head Office.
In 1963, the partnership in Australia was incorporated as Gibbs Bright & Co Pty Ltd.
In 1980, following the acquisition of the London merchant banking operation by the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, ownership of the Australian subsidiary passed to Parbury Henty.
This website is devoted to the association of former employees of Gibbs Bright & Co Pty Ltd, and to their relatives and friends. Please help to complete this site with suitable pictures and biographical information.
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