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Gibbs Family Tree
In the U.K. Mike Gibbs, of the Zimbabwean branch of the family, has published the latest version of the Gibbs Family Tree online. Click on the link        Gibbs Family Tree to transfer to his website.
Personal Memoirs of the Melbourne Shipping Agency
Read the personal memoirs of Bob Guthrie in the Melbourne Shipping Agency from 1915 until his retirement in 1965.
Clive Pearson's Web Pages
You might like to try these links. Simply left-button mouse click on the address, to select the site.
http://www.nvicon.org is a serious current study by Clive Pearson of the measures which must be taken by Australia to combat the effects of global warming. If the world is to survive beyond the end of the 21st. century, then urgent action is necessary. Unfortunately, at present too many policy decisions are determined by political dogma, and too many authoritative statements have no basis in the truth. This site covers a very wide range of topics, all relevant to solving the problems, all politically unbiased.
http://www.brotherhood-of-man.net  was used by Clive Pearson until 2014 as his personal "blog" site. The Home Page has a set of links to all of Clive's web-sites.
GoldChat.org is Clive's answer to Facebook! It is a free social networking site, with your own free web page, and absolutely no advertisements.
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